The Bulgarian society needs a change, stability of the ideas and a cause. A political alternative for the prosperous Bulgarians is necessary, which have ideas and will for a system of state government. Our party unites people who look into the future. United in our differences we create a new political power for all Bulgarian citizens.

The effectiveness and the prestige of the politics are realized through transparency and real activities. We believe in the basic role of the parties in n the political system because through their support of a party the citizens possess a tool to invest heir own energy in the whole project of the state.

All members of our party are leaders and politics, who do not fear to take up responsibility

Consolidated by this concept we want to rehabilitate politics through:

  • giving power to leaders, who are the product of social necessity and their own qualities, and not of backstage deals;
  • imposing in principle of a new system for state and social government where the statesmanship approach will dominate over the political;
  • stopping the as an end in themselves and cosmetic reforms, serving to fulfill political bargaining, and to ensure foreseeable development, rules and a system of social virtues, which are in line with the new realities;

We approve  principles for our common action and we stick to them at all levels of political representation and government.

  1. The politics for us is a tool to guarantee the rights of every single citizen and to realize the interests of the community.
  • Every citizen has the right to participate in the decision making through representation, direct democracy and social dialogue;
  • The politicians are obliged to stay close to people’s problems and their wishes and to pay attention to them;
  • No point of view may be neglected. The multiplicity of the interests may me covered solely through respect to those who think in a different way

2.  The politicians are only intermediaries of the public interest

The politician shall continuously fulfill his basic mission – to be a good intermediary:

  • The efficient political leadership will be implemented through serving the interest of the people, and not through place hunting
  • The political activity is an expression of the consciousness civic position, of a capability to implement definite professional skills in the corresponding areas of state  government.
  • In order for a politician to be a successful intermediary of the public interest, his private life and his professional career must be clean. The family is the basic virtue.

3. Priority of the long-term decisions over the short-term activities, of the common aims over the private interests, of the realization over the promises.

The political time is not measured by short terms. The politician should see beyond the current tasks, foresee the problems of tomorrow create conditions for a better future. He should forecast in the long term and to design adequately the management systems at all levels of the local and of the central authority.

The Bulgarian citizens feel themselves unprotected und powerless to create the state in which they would like to live. Public and economic groups have been formed with clearly defined common interests, which have no representation in the Bulgarian political class. Beyond his private intentions the politician should identify the common interest, without which the social bonds decay. We believe in the policy for common goals, that are on the basis on shared interests.

It is not sufficient to vote for laws, the latter should be practiced. We approve the sense of the political activity. That means to set goals, to define their meaning, to organize their implementation, to control the process and to make an objective assessment of the results achieved.

Our political project is inspired and subordinated to the main values:

1. Freedom

The freedom is the main prerequisite for realizing and broadening of the individual and public welfare.

People are born free and equal in their rights. They are free to move, to create and to choose their way of living. We believe in the individual fate of the individual, and not in the social predefinition. We deny systems, which oppress freedom and attempt to lock it in a frame. Freedom is the main value, which allows for the development of the imagination, of the activity and of the creativity. The society moves forward through the individual will and activities of every single man. The freedom finds its expression in a natural way in all creative ventures.

  • Freedom means respect to every Bulgarian citizen with the validity of a public agreement.
  • Freedom makes the way to generosity and nobility.
  • Freedom means for everybody to create and control his own life.
  • Freedom is personal inviolability, security of his property and family.
  • Freedom is the chance for everybody to be himself.
  • Freedom implies tolerance.


2. Responsibility

To be free means to be responsible

Freedom is not an abstract notion. Basic condition for its realization as a value is the respect of the rights, interests and the personal freedom of the others. Freedom does not mean impunity. Freedom of personality spreads up to the freedom of the others. Freedom supposes responsibility.

  • Responsibility is ,first, towards own actions.
  • Responsibility is a commitment to the weakest among us.
  • Life in a society is based on respect to the law.
  • The prestige of the state and of the jurisdiction should ensure that everyone bears responsibility for his deeds.
  • Responsibility is not only observing the law. It means apprehending the rights as well as the obligations with regard to the community. It is the basis for a “community of trust”, which gives to everyone the opportunity to promote his own potential.
  • We believe, that the responsibility to the ecology is not only a matter of security, but also a question of moral. Progress and nature are compatible, and we are responsible to our   children not to damage the world they will live in.
  • Today we are responsible for the next generations.

3. Personal success

The society of welfare is built up by successful people

The society has to ensure the conditions for the personal success, for the realization of the abilities and the ideas of its members. Our goal is building of a society of welfare where al will be rich to a different extent, and not equally poor. Its main construction element will be the individual who has promoted his social, professional and personal success.

  • Those who know and can, the capable and the  able to grasp the initiative are the main motor  for the economic development. The social prosperity is a function of their successes, efforts and enterprise.
  • The ability to climb up the social ladder for merit and spirit is the key mark of a developing society.
  • Society and state should create the conditions for and encourage initiative and enterprising.
  • The future of our economy is in the innovations, in the imagination, in the will to create
  • We wish to recover the virtue of labor and the sense of the effort.

4. Solidarity

Solidarity is the network of links of every human community

A society which is not consolidated cannot prosper. Through solidarity and generosity we create a community in which everyone feels himself involved. The social cohesion protects the individual against vicissitudes of life, against illness, disability, unemployment and dependencies. The different forms of solidarity build the stability of the social links and create the necessary prerequisites for social life.

  • The state ensures social protection of the citizens. Solidarity is the strength of the individual. It does not merely encompass financial support, which to plunder those who work in order to sustain those who face problems. The sense of the solidarity rests in the equal chance given to everyone to make a new start and to develop throughout his life. Such solidarity is demanding, but is also more effective.
  • We apprehend the structure of the civil society – the professional and branch unions and the non-governmental organizations as the most powerful tools of the civil authority, which are based on solidarity and shared interests.
  • Solidarity between the generations in a family ensures the continuity of traditions and creates the feeling for belonging to an origin, so bringing up the new generations.

5. National pride

The Bulgarian nation is tempered by the century old will to live together through our shared history, language, culture and common spirit

Bulgaria and the Bulgarian spirit have always been the stable foundation for our existence. Without our traditions, language and history we would never know who we are and we would never understand where to we go. Following that, the building, the sustaining and the confirmation of our national pride is the key requirement for achievement of our common goals.

  • The republican nation is the basis for our common identity
  • The nation lives through symbols as the national anthem, the national days, the national colors and the motto “The unity makes the power”.
  • We demand the regaining of the national values “freedom”, “enlightenment” and “dignity” as unifying our will to create together a common destiny.
  • Everyone has a different contribution to the common identity. We abstain from the depersonalizing collectivism, which dilutes our identity. We are convinced in the wealth of the differences.

6. Cosmopolitan approach

Bulgaria is not standing alone, it is a part of the world.

The contact with other societies and nations lead to progress and development. Leaving distance to the global processes means backwardness. In the era of global economy, modern communications and of dynamic social processes, we need to be a full-value integral part of the nations commonwealth.

  • For us, the world is the place where with an open heart and curiosity we spend our days. It is as big as our love to the people and our respect to nature.
  • For all of us Europe means broadening of the perspectives.
  • We accept The European Union as a great achievement, which renders the will freedom for designing a common project under clear rules and equal access to modern technologies and finance.
  • We support Europe where each nation preserves its identity, and each state – its sovereignty.
  • We abstain from the narrow notion for the European Union only as an economic formation. It makes its sense only through the human community, which builds its foundation.
  • The common European policies allow us to jointly develop activities, which s=are not in the capability of a sole country.

Our Bulgaria will be constructed based on a consolidated society and will be a state in a process of development, which makes us proud of. We will work towards a faithful and demanding democracy, which will be based on the very authentic tools of the civil society.

We are entering a new reality. The economic development and the science are able to achieve miracles. The time is gathering pace. We are leaving the epoch in which employment is ensured for everyone, and the social rules are definite. Today the borders are conditional, the competition is world-wide, the society is mobile. The balance between traditions and innovations, between  fixedness and adaptability, between firmness and change is achieved only through professional management, clear political will and shared values.

Our horizon broadens continuously and we have all the chances to be successful. We are dreaming for a society, which will allow the Bulgarians  to become richer, more consolidated and more happy.

Let us take the risk and to create a better future!